“Living la politica loca”


Romania, the contry where everything is possible

The core of Romanians is in the past, the body of the present that EU sees is just  the falling shadow of a creature that could not rise up.

We don’t have political analists in Romania, we just have lobbists or undercover agents for private interests or self interests. The economical aspect of being a political analist is highly important,  they  must know a lot of things: art of prediction, management risk, art of conversation and the art of being “out of the box” in any occasion. We don’t have a  settled democracy and a good economy, we don’t even have the horizon for this expectations. The middle class, that was already a small social establishment, is shrinking,economically degrading and in self awareness. People have a tendency to accept these things as normal and so on generations will feel the unnormal as normal. This in not the way to handle a society, but it seems the way to work through ours. Politics cripples the political science in Romania, we don’t have a life living research community, we don’t have a public intelectual , we don’t even have  honorable teachers  to speak their minds out.We are in the dark and everybody is telling us the sun will rise again, but not today.

This is the place where political prostitutes become virgins every day.

Romania can’t be known only for political declarations or twisted news or disturbing information. Enter please…if you dare…you ll  probably get scared.


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